Testimonials V1
James Sterling
Managing Director

I love working with Pangea! The onboarding process of our employees was super simple and they quickly have become an integral part of our company.

Christian Suly
Head of IT

Pangea Technology has been the perfect partner for scaling our business. Great talent, great people and fantastic customer support.

Andrew Young

Pangea Technology has allowed us to go beyond our local market and hire the Software Engineers our startup needs to grow.

Testimonials V2

Our Picks for the Frontend Position

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Moustafa Saad
3+ Years of Experience
Why He is a Great Fit:
  • Very likeable young ambitious Developer
  • Works for an Austrian company ( fluent german speaker )
  • familiar with TDD and testing libraries
  • Tech Stack matches position perfectly

Salary: 3590€ pcm (excl. VAT)
Aly Abdelrahman
3+ Years of Experience
Why He is a Great Fit:
  • all round strong frontend developer
  • possesses a strong portfolio
  • works for a reputable french company within a strong team
  • posseses very little backend knowledge
  • Well researched in TDD development methodologies

Salary: 3590€ pcm (excl. VAT)
Mohamed Fathelbab
3+ Years of Experience
Why He is a Great Fit:
  • Is familiar with the use case ( worked on similar project )
  • proficient in Backend and Frontend technologies with a focus on React
  • experience working for a startup
  • great communication skills
  • potential for growth
  • looking for mentorship

Salary: 3590€ pcm (excl. VAT)
Mohamed Elshowel
3+ Years of Experience
Why He is a Great Fit:
  • Strong project portfolio.
  • Successful track record of participating in Hackathons and achieving first place positions
  • Expressed great enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Interested in working with a European client

Salary: 3590€ pcm (excl. VAT)