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We founded Pangea Technology because we believe
that talent can be found everywhere, but
opportunity can't. There are talented individuals
everywhere, but all too often their potential is limited
by arbitrary factors like race, gender, nationality, and
moretangibly, through challenges of operating
globally. We started Pangea to bridge that gap.
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Our Developers have worked for

Remote Teams-as-a-Service

Individual Recruiting

You'll never work with someone from our bench - we don't have one. We are building a team just for you based on your unique requirements.

Vetted Engineers

Spend less time interviewing and more time building by connecting with engineers we’ve already assessed.

Teammates, not Temps

Pangea matches you with brilliant engineers who are in it for the long-term. 100% dedicated to your company and vision.

Offices and Equipment

Your remote team will work from our modern offices equipped with top-notch technological infrastructure. The best thing about it? The costs are on us.

Hands-on Support

We take care of office management, HR, payroll, taxes and retention. That means no administrative hassle for you, so that you can focus on getting work done.

Fully Scaleable

Whether you need 5, 10 or 200 egineers, our specialist recruitment team will make it happen. Start with a small team and expand as you grow - free of charge.

James Sterling
Managing Director

I love working with Pangea! The onboarding process of our employees was super simple and they quickly have become an integral part of our company.

Christian Suly
Head of IT

Pangea Technology has been the perfect partner for scaling our business. Great talent, great people and fantastic customer support.

Andrew Young

Pangea Technology has allowed us to go beyond our local market and hire the Software Engineers our startup needs to grow.

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